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About Us

TransCanada Turbines (TCT) is the sole authorized overhaul, repair and maintenance service provider for Siemens Energy and General Electric (GE) aeroderivative industrial gas turbines, serving an expanding international client base.

TCT operates an overhaul depot in Airdrie, Alberta (15 minutes north of Calgary, Alberta); a testing facility in Calgary, Alberta; and four field service offices located around the world. The licensed overhaul depot is complete with in house inspection, non-destructive testing (NDT), automated clean line, kitting and central logistics, rotor balancing and complete build capabilities.  The overhaul depot is specially designed  to allow for enhanced induction capacity. TCT has both onsite capacity and off site agreements for engine testing and calibration. All global field service locations are complete with shop space, Level II tooling, spare parts inventory and fully qualified personnel.


TransCanada Turbines’ key strength is our people, who offer quality and flexibility that only an independent organization can provide. TransCanada Turbines continues to grow by employing dynamic people with diverse backgrounds, and by working with our customers to provide the best solutions to meet their needs.

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