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Siemens Energy
Industrial Avon

The Siemens Energy Industrial Avon gas turbine has been widely used in both compression and power generation applications around the world for a number of decades. It continues to be a critical part of many operations.


TransCanada Turbines has extensive experience providing overhaul, repair and service to the Industrial Avon gas turbine, and is authorized by Siemens Energy to perform a full range of services on all marks of Industrial Avon turbines.


On-Site Services

  • Full Borescope Inspection

  • Preventive and corrective maintenance and inspection performed on the exterior of an installed gas turbine

  • Gas turbine removal and installation

  • Separation of gas generator and power turbine

  • Gas turbine preservation and shipping


Depot Services

  • Complete disassembly and/or assembly of modules down to individual piece parts

  • Repair and replacement of piece parts and accessories

  • Gas generator, gas turbine and/or power turbine testing in our test cell


Please contact your Regional Sales Manager for more information on our full range of on-site, depot and testing services.

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