Business Ethics at

TransCanada Turbines

Questions of ethics and integrity can be complex, and we welcome questions and discussions on these issues.  We are proud of TCT’s long-standing reputation for integrity. However, just one person’s error in judgment could reflect poorly upon TCT, causing business partners to question our representation and potentially resulting in significant consequences. 


TCT is committed to operating in accordance with and maintaining high standards of business ethics and to meet or surpass the requirements of all laws and regulations pertaining to integrity in the conduct of its business activities.


Please contact if you have any questions or concerns – we are here to help.


If you feel you require anonymity to report a suspected violation please access our business ethics line.


TransCanada Turbines Ltd. (TCT) is committed to conducting business in a manner that follows the highest ethical standards and complies with all applicable laws around the world.  We expect everyone to abide by ethical business practices and in our TCT Charter Elements.


All individuals who represent TCT must uphold the highest ethical, legal, and business standards when conducting TCT business. We also require those with whom we do business to embrace similar values and standards. We understand the challenges that can be faced. Working for a dynamic organization, operating in a global marketplace with many different clients, business partners and operations throughout the world are not always straightforward. New business partner relationships are established, new markets entered, and new laws introduced that impact how business is conducted.