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TransCanada Turbines has an enthusiastic team of employees who are dedicated and committed to providing service that maintains the highest ethical and professional standards. We value diversity, honesty, and integrity in all our interactions with current and prospective employees.


TransCanada Turbines is committed to creating a positive work environment, one that is respectful of employees concerns, responsive to their needs and to their success.

Education & Development

TransCanada Turbines supports continual education and career development for all full time employees. A strong commitment to providing training opportunities enables employees to acquire new skills and knowledge, advance in their career and prepare for new challenges


TransCanada Turbines Training Program consists of:

  • In-house/ on the job training

  • Development through mentoring

  • Educational institution training

  • Learning and correspondence

  • Memberships/certification in recognized organizations and institutions

Diversity & Employment Equity

TransCanada Turbines values diversity and inclusiveness at all organizational levels. We support the principles of Employment Diversity in the hiring and promotion of our staff. As such, all employment selection and promotion decisions will be based solely on the skills and qualifications of the applicant in order to fit the most qualified individual with the prescribed role.


Our strategy involves developing and sustaining a work place that is guided by principles of fairness, equity and understanding to attract and retain the best people in an increasingly diverse workforce.


TransCanada Turbines offers a competitive compensation package, consisting of base pay, overtime pay (where applicable) and incentive pay. The incentive compensation package allows employees to earn additional financial reward every year. Under the package, employees are rewarded for both achieving personal performance goals and TCT’s achievements of annual targets.


Benefit Package

In addition to a salary and incentive compensation package, TransCanada Turbines also offers employees a comprehensive and highly competitive benefit package as an integral part of an employee’s total compensation package.


Our Benefit Package provides coverage for both the employee and eligible dependents. The basic plan is 100% employer funded and coverage commences the first day of employment.

Benefit package includes:
  • Vacation

  • Extended Health

  • Insured Benefits

  • Group RRSP

  • Employee and Family Assistance Program

  • Educational and Development Program

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