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General Electric

The General Electric LM6000 aeroderivative industrial gas turbine can produce over 47 MW of electricity, and is used in both base-load and peaking power generation applications. The LM6000 is widely used in cogeneration applications, and can be fitted in a dry-low emissions configuration to allow for lower emissions and greater efficiency.


TransCanada Turbines’ license extends across all engine configurations of the LM6000, including DLE.


TransCanada Turbines is licensed by General Electric to provide both on-site service and repair, and depot overhauls at the Level 4 facility in Calgary, Alberta. Below is a detailed list of activities performed both onsite and in depot by TCT.


On-Site Services

  • Full Borescope Inspection

  • Preventive and corrective maintenance and inspection performed on the exterior of an installed gas turbine

  • Gas turbine removal and installation

  • Separation of gas generator and power turbine

  • Gas turbine preservation and shipping


Depot Services

  • Complete disassembly and/or assembly of modules down to individual piece parts

  • Repair and replacement of piece parts and accessories

  • Gas generator, gas turbine and/or power turbine testing in our test cell.


Please contact your Regional Sales Manager for more information on our full range of on-site, depot and testing services.


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