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Package Power Parts

TransCanada Turbines (TCT) Package Power Parts is committed to meeting the needs of customers, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, 7 days a week. Based in Houston, Texas; TCT Package Power Parts provides customers with part sales, service, technical guidance and support for both gas turbines and engine packages.

TCT Package Power Parts provides operators of the GE LM2500 and LM6000 engines and packages with a complete range of services, expert, up to date knowledge, and fast and flexible response. TCT Package Power Parts is capable of meeting the needs of customers located worldwide, and will ship parts and provide service to almost anywhere in the world.

TCT Package Power Parts has the right people to ensure that whatever the customers needs are, they can be met. Experienced professionals are available to provide parts sales, service and support to engines and packages.



  • Inventory available in worldwide locations

  • Support customers in planning optimal inventory levels for their operations

  • Repair of components

  • Rotable components held for exchange

  • Customized Inventory Solutions

  • Inventory Credit, Buyback & Exchange

  • Balance of plant services

A complete offering of parts is available, ranging from

  • Fuel Nozzles

  • Blades & Vanes

  • Filters: Hydraulic, Air & Lube Oil

  • Cables: Electrical & Sensor Actuators

  • Valves: Fuel, Water, Bleed, Thrust Balance & Solenoid

  • Pumps: On & Off Engine

  • VSV & VG Controllers

  • Fire Systems

  • Tooling

  • Hot Section Components

  • Probes: T5.4, T4.8 & Speed

  • Chip Detectors

  • Control Module/Cards

  • Sensors

  • Accelerometers

  • Thermocouples

  • Clutches & Starters

  • Switches

  • Temperature Transmitters

  • Water Wash Systems

  • Hoses: On & Off Engine

  • Complete Engines

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