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Test Cell

All repaired or overhauled gas generators are performance tested prior to dispatch. We can also test engines before beginning a repair or overhaul to confirm any fault diagnosis and evaluate performance issues. The TCT Test Facilities are unique with the capabilities to meet your test requirements for overhaul and repair.


Data Analysis Capabilities

The Data Acquisition system is based on Yanos Aerospace engine test log sheet (ETLS) software, which performs all data archiving, performance calculation, log sheet, reports, trending and diagnostics.

Using Microsoft SQL server, complex database queries are easily developed to create “views” of data that cross the boundaries of TCT’s systems. Systems can quickly gather test data, details of new/repaired parts and even labour hours to produce final reports to customers. In terms of troubleshooting, this system can quickly create plots versus other selected engines in TCT’s historical database.

TCT can relate performance to build data, create cost benefit analysis and optimize workscopes which will lead to improved test cell pass rates and reduced overhaul costs for our customers.


Online Viewing

You can watch and trend your engine test real time via the Internet from the comfort of your office using your browser or other location worldwide using Apple or Android Device. This service is available for all engine lines tested at the Calgary facility. If required, the retrieval and viewing of archived tests is also possible. Click the button below to view your test online.

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